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Deathnote Vol. 1-12

Death note manga

I’ve been burning off some manga from my HD since I’m seriously running out of space, I decided to have a little rant/review of Deathnote manga. I finished reading 12 volumes of Deathnote manga sometime last year. It’s certain one of those memorable mangas, the story was deeper than most I’ve seen and actually requires thinking. It took longer than usual to read cause there were so much texts compared to other manga’s, as L and Raito would both be explaining their plans/stategies to counter each other etc. What hooked me in was how intelligent the ideas were. I really must give credit to the story writer.

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Ichigo 100%

Ichigo 100% by Mizuki Kawashita was first introducted to me by Qu when she chucked me a couple of random series to watch at the end of TEE last year. I think I’ve pretty much read/watched all the Ichigo 100% related manga/anime. To date, there has been 13 episodes of anime, 2 specials and 4 OVAs. While Manga wise, it has ended with 19 volumes.

When I first watched it, the good characters, character design and animation quality was what held my attention. While the story itself is a romantic comedy, centering around the main male lead Manaka Junpei and several other female co-leads. Essentially, it’s about this average guy, Junpei, trying to decide of the 3 potential girl friends, which is the one he truely likes. And this occurs through very hilarious circumstances, where he is constantly misunderstood. The voice casting and music is also fairly decent. However, much to my dissapointment, the series only ran for 13 episodes when it could very well have survived by animating the whole Manga series.

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