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Big thank you to Maestro from for the free anime blog hosting πŸ˜€ so my new blog will be located at so to my fellow link exchangees and friends, please change the links πŸ™‚ Cheers. The new hosted blog is more or less u[ and running, but I’m still working on the layout and color schemes, so bear with it for the moment. I’ll keep you up to date at the new site and hopefully get some proper posts up, a few are in the draft stage, half written :p Ja-ne


New Phone


My new Nokia 6300 has been keeping me busy recently, along with catching up with high school as well as Uni buddies. So I haven’t had much time at home to watch anime or read manga. However, I did make a manga related acquisition today at Dymocks bookstore. I ended up buying the Complete book to drawing manga with the birthday gift card I got last year. Was wondering whether I should pick up a copy of Vol. 1 of Negima but wasn’t sure if the series was any good.

But, after coming home from shopping today, I did manage to squeeze in last week’s episode of Bleach 130. And why are Bleach fillers currently airing? Did I completely miss that arc in the manga or what? Man, No wonder people say Bleach anime’s sucky. This filler arch about the Arrancar being able to hide themselves by taking the form of the human spirit they devoured is pretty lame to say the least. And crappy battle scenes.

Well at least Naruto manga and anime is whooping ass πŸ™‚

Purpose of Slice of Japan

Ever since stumbling upon the anime blogging community a few years ago, I’ve always wanted to start up an anime blog of my own. Then I thought what is my purpose of this blog? To put it simple, I’m not much of a episode-by-episode reviewer, and truthfully, there are many blogs out there that already does a brilliant good plus, I personally don’t have much time to spare watching anime, let alone a blow by blow account of it.

Thus, my reason for blogging is simple, this Blog is not only to do with Anime and Manga, but also about Japan and Japanese Culture in general. I’ve been on exchange to Japan in 2006/2007 and quite a lot happen during my very enjoyable stay in Japan, and no doubt I’ll have some anecdotes to share in the future.


In terms of anime and manga, I would probably do a general review on my impressions of a series once I finish and probably a short review half way through a series. Occasionally I might have a rant of a series on my thoughts about the happenings, characters and what not. As I am a blogger based in Australia, I’ll also endevour to bring a bit of the Australian anime scene to light if I get the chance. As for ongoing weekly manga’s like Bleach and Naruto, I might just have a general talk about my impression and thoughts on the particular chapter, though unlikely.

Lastly, Live action/J-dramas are definitely something I’d review once I pick up on a good series. Though I guess overall, I’m just a very casual blogger for anything to do with Japan and Japanese culture, Not necessarily just on the anime and manga fandom.


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