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Code Geass 24 + 25 season Finale

Code Geass Season 1 Finale

After about a week since the finale’s release in Japan, finally got around to watching the drama and battles of the season finale. In many ways, the last 2 episodes answer a couple of questions while leaving so many others unanswered or rather bringing up new questions! Nevertheless, it was an interesting finale. I was half expecting the series for finish one and for all, but alas, no there is a season 2 which I really can’t wait since it left that damn cliffhanger and the mystery of the Witches (C.C. and V.V.)

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CODE GEASS – 24 + 25 Special PREVIEW!

C.C. from code geass

So it’s finally here after months of waiting! The double episode finale of Code Geass season 1 (unless they can manage to explain everything in the last 2 episodes, including the origin of C.C. and the other double-letter character that appeared to want to “help” Suzaku… I’m hoping for a season 2)

They’re to be release in Japan today (28/7/07) and 30/7/07! So hopefully subs will be out sometime in the next week or so! The video gives some insights to the battle and what not, but obviously no conclusion. As I watched Code Geass up to episode 23 about a month or 2 ago, I can’t quire remember the details and names of the minor characters.

Code Geass epi 23


I’ve been meaning to blog about the final few episodes of Code Geass before the 90min special finale Episode 24-25 appears in a few months time. The last 2 or so episodes were definitely intense. I think perhaps that’s why I end up liking many mecha series, cause usually they involve wars, which means it’s going to be complicated in terms of story. they’ll be friendships broken, betrayals, sacrifices death. It all adds to the impact of the story and the overriding message of the show. Spoilers under the cut, time for me to dish out some thoughts on the show 🙂

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Code Geass: impression

Lelouch from Code Geass

Finally got around to watching Code Geass and if all goes well, it’ll become one of my all time favourites. Admittedly it is a mecha anime largely, with the little side comedy and romance, but overall a fairly serious anime, thus it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, there seem to be a general anime community consensus that it’s one of the best animes of the season. There were a few points which made me pick Code Geass as my next to-see anime.

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