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New Phone


My new Nokia 6300 has been keeping me busy recently, along with catching up with high school as well as Uni buddies. So I haven’t had much time at home to watch anime or read manga. However, I did make a manga related acquisition today at Dymocks bookstore. I ended up buying the Complete book to drawing manga with the birthday gift card I got last year. Was wondering whether I should pick up a copy of Vol. 1 of Negima but wasn’t sure if the series was any good.

But, after coming home from shopping today, I did manage to squeeze in last week’s episode of Bleach 130. And why are Bleach fillers currently airing? Did I completely miss that arc in the manga or what? Man, No wonder people say Bleach anime’s sucky. This filler arch about the Arrancar being able to hide themselves by taking the form of the human spirit they devoured is pretty lame to say the least. And crappy battle scenes.

Well at least Naruto manga and anime is whooping ass 🙂