Code Geass 24 + 25 season Finale

Code Geass Season 1 Finale

After about a week since the finale’s release in Japan, finally got around to watching the drama and battles of the season finale. In many ways, the last 2 episodes answer a couple of questions while leaving so many others unanswered or rather bringing up new questions! Nevertheless, it was an interesting finale. I was half expecting the series for finish one and for all, but alas, no there is a season 2 which I really can’t wait since it left that damn cliffhanger and the mystery of the Witches (C.C. and V.V.)

Before I get started, I just need to say this. How on earth did Lelouch get to use his Geass on all those people on Cornelia team (eg. Dalton)? Either I forgot some important stuff from previous episodes, or it was just one of those things to make the anime all the more dramatic. Anyway, if you want a detailed episode rundown RancomC always does a great job and with ample screencaps too.

As I didn’t re watch epi 23 prior to 24 and 25, I admit there were probably stuff about the series I forgotten about. However, it basically starts up with a 3-4minute recap of the season up to epi 23, which for people like me was a good rundown. From then on the battle to destroy the Parliamentary house in central Area 11 begins.Battles erupts everywhere with different factions fighting for their own cause. Toudou fights against Britanian forces holding up the imperial building. Ashford acedemy gets taken down by the Black Nights. Villetta regains her memory and shoots Ougi. But most of all is the Mystery of the Geass and where did C.C. and V.V. come from?

It’s interesting to note that the whole Black Knights crew are at complete lost on the disappearance of Zero, just shows how much they blindly followed his orders. Now that there are no orders they become a big mess of confusion, what with Ougi down as well.

It was say to see Cornelia die like that too! Despite her hardness as a ruler of Area 11, I’ve got to sympathize with her, who just lost her beloved sister to Zero (thought unintentional) and only wanted peace by repressing opposition, which is the way of Britania. What can you expect from someone(s) who were born under the emperor? I must say the Emperor’s family is one hell of a twisted family. Those who less twisted and more human certainly didn’t meet a good end (ie. Euphemia, Marianne). I was so sad with all their deaths. I guess as this anime is a mecha-war type show, its unsurprising that they’re be so many deaths of significant characters to spur drama and intensity. Giving characters new determination and coldness. What better and more realistic way to do character development other than death? And thebreadownw of so many trusts and friendships right to death? How much more intense can it get.

Code Geass Season 1 Finale - Showdown

While some question (few as it were) were answer heaps of stuff where left hanging:

  • Will Nina’s oldschool self made Nightmare blow itself up or will she too chase after Zero?
  • There has to be more to C.C. and V.V.’s past and a bit more information on their existence as Witches! C.C.’s flashback told us little of it besides that people were prejudiced against them but nothing about the power of the Geass and what it’s for and why did C.C. give its power to Lelouch?
  • What was that outcry from Shirley about “not you too Kallen”? Does Shirley think Kallen and Zero (ie. Lelouch) made her lose her memory?
  • Why on earth did Lelouch’s mother not do something about the fact that she was being targeted back in Britania? And why did The Emperor askSchneizel to take away Marianne’s body?
  • I want to know about Marianne’s death conspiricy! Afterall if it weren’t for her death/murder Lelouch wouldn’t have done what he did to date, killing so many innocents around the way, harming his friends, decieving his family and friends, those who cared for him most.
  • What is at Kaminejima and how is it related to Code Geass? Obviously V.V. took Nunnaly there is to lure Zero to that particular location
  • Is C.C. dead? C.C. x Lelouch?!
  • Kallen’s breakdown and unrequited love at the end? That She and fellow Japanese rebels were all pawns in a little game of his, for his personal revenge?
  • Schneizel is still a very mysterious person, what is his ulterior motive (other than tryign to take over as emperor of Britania.
  • Will Ougi survive the shot in the stomach and what will happen to Villetta now that she regained her memory?
  • What is Cecile, Lloyd and the other scientist’s pass?
  • Who will die? Suzaku? Lelouch? or the whole island with everyone on it as a result of the sakuradite explosion?

But what I thought was nicely done was the little monologue by C.C. at the end about what it is to be human having a limited lifespan compared to a witch who never dies and continue living for eternity, seeing the ones they love die and disappear into a memory. Because humans have a limited life they try to seek happiness. Whether it be t he right or wrong way every human’s motives are the same, to find happiness in a world full of war, hatred, oppression. It’s because that it is such a world that Happiness is worth pursuing before the day you die, unlike witches who are forever young and living, being feared by humans through the ages. I think that sums the show up nicely, about life and the actions of humans, each fighting for happiness in their own way.

I’ve read some arguements about is anime deep? on a couple of blogs recently each blogger with their own opinions. While many anime are purely entertainment with not that much depth. I think Code Geass is moderately deep. It teaches kids about life, about a certain “moral of the story” and present them in a way acceptable to people. So yes, to some extent, Code Geass is deep, it tries to portray life’s deepest questions and moral arguments that could go on forever just like Deathnote‘s story.

With an interest plot, dynamic characters (no one major/minor character is boring virtually) and great BGM, overall, an exciting finale and I look forward to next season!


4 Responses to “Code Geass 24 + 25 season Finale”

  1. 1 zenical August 12, 2007 at 4:38 am

    whoa just got yr link somehow.. i love yr review. v detailed.. and CODE GEASS! haha. yes i love code geass.. =P I hate cliffhangers… i dunno wad are they doing man…

  2. 2 Jan August 12, 2007 at 5:59 am

    Hey Zenical, thanks for dropping by ^^ Code Geass is a great show 😀

  3. 3 Kenny September 14, 2007 at 3:05 am

    Hey =) anyw u have the episode 24 & 25 link? i can’t seem to find.. lolx

  4. 4 jan March 3, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    when will the second season is going to be released?

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