Lovely Complex

It’s funny how often a friend’s recommendation tends to be my liking, I guess we have similar anime taste of some sort. The latest he introduced me to is Lovely Complex. A Slice-of-life anime set presumably in Osaka, Japan. It’s the first I’ve seen that uses full Osaka-ben (dialect). I didn’t really expect to like the anime immediately since when I read the plot, it seemed your average boy and girl hates each other, then ultimately falling for each other.

But I think what really caught me was the character design, it’s quite different from the usual stuff I’ve seen, the nice cell-shading, proper facial expressions etc. This anime is almost the complete opposite to what I like. The shading and animation quality isn’t flashy. On the contrary, most of the time it’s a single shade, which is rare these days in anime’s. It’s almost like watching a picture book unfold, the backgrounds are often stills. The facial expressions and actions of characters are entirely comical, I was cracking up laughing at the sometimes lame yet effective slap stick comedy Ootani and Risa was displaying. But I think, in fact it’s the simplicity of the character designs and might I say the nice outfits of the characters that are the attracting points in terms of animation.

Another catch of the show would be that Osaka-ben is used! For me, the dialect just added more humor to the show! I just found it’s much more funny when it was said in the Osaka-ben than the usual Tokyo-ben that most shows use, which is also the Japanese that foreigners learn and kids learn at school. The only other exposure I have to Osaka-ben is in Bleach, where the Vizards speak in Osaka-ben. So that certainly caught my attention as well.

The characters itself, funny, comical, definately the slice-of-life stuff. It’s good to watch a slice-of-life show once again. I’ve been watching too many alternate universe, supernatural, dark and deathly movies.shows recently (eg. Heroes, which I just finished tonight!) so it’s nice to watch a show about the every day battles of life in the normal world. The plot of Episode 1 I found unfolded very quickly, the whole “I’m in love with the new boy and I’m in love with the shy girl” thing only lasted for like 10-15mins of the first episode, and towards the end of the episode, the plot’s already going down the road of “Ootani and Risa falling for each other”. So in other words I just felt the show was fast tracking quite a bit, a bit surprised, but my first impressions would be a pass. I’ll be looking forward to some more comedy and laughs from the Duo. I might even consider picking up the Live action or manga of Lovely Complex. The mangaka of the shoujo Lovely Complex is by Aya Nakahara and the drawings and style reminded me a lot of Ichogo 100% manga.

Hung did a pretty good in depth first impression of Episode 1.


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