Deathnote Vol. 1-12

Death note manga

I’ve been burning off some manga from my HD since I’m seriously running out of space, I decided to have a little rant/review of Deathnote manga. I finished reading 12 volumes of Deathnote manga sometime last year. It’s certain one of those memorable mangas, the story was deeper than most I’ve seen and actually requires thinking. It took longer than usual to read cause there were so much texts compared to other manga’s, as L and Raito would both be explaining their plans/stategies to counter each other etc. What hooked me in was how intelligent the ideas were. I really must give credit to the story writer.

Character design wise, I honestly REALLY like Raito’s character. haha. helps that he’s good looking, and the mangaka dresses him very very nicely too 😀 but Raito, being the antagonist, is very disturbing. I think this is the first time I’m following a story where the main character IS the antagonist, or the “bad/evil one” of the story. While Raito is seen a “bad”.. seeing as he’s murdering people. I’d also agree with Matsuda, Raito was killing criminals and generally “bad people” in society. Thus morality and human rights issues is the focal point of the manga, is it really right to kill bad people to make society a “better place”? While Raito thoughts of “cleansing” the world is disturbing he has a point. But obviously the big issue is, should any one person have to power to determine who has the right to live? Obviously not. It’s our own right has intelligent human beings to make out own choices as to how to live our lives. Raito’s total absorption of being Kira nad God of the New World, hence utilizing anyone even his own father, and manipulating feelings, was totally despicable to watch, but he did it flawlessly, which makes it ever more disturbing that such “people” can exist in real life. I shudder to think of meeting one in real life…

I have to admit, I wasn’t very keen of even starting this manga, and was constantly told my friends to read it because it’s so good. only now do I know what they meant 🙂 Personally I’m not really into gory stuff about killings etc, but the story and Raito’s weird character really kept me hooked. I was intrigued by the ideas presented and the issues put forward about society, life, moral obligations and death. I half expected the ending that happen (since that’s the more logical and less “problematic” ending) but I also half expected Raito to somehow do… something. It it didn’t end the way it did, that challenges what we think (on the surface at least) about our rights as humans to live and not live under fear of being killed.

However, as much as I know Raito was essentially “wrong” to do what he did, I can’t help but feel sorry and sad for him. He was a genius, who could have given so much to society, if the deathnote wasn’t picked up by him, he would have continued to lead his ordinary life, becoming a genius detective like L, solving crimes etc, and in that way contribute to society in a more “correct” way where justice prevails as opposed to justice being forced upon people. This brings about a whole other issue about fate and destiny doesn’t it. People can’t control it to some extent. Raito in a sense was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

All in all a 8.5/10 for Deathnote manga. The parts where I docked points off would probably be the second half or maybe volume 7 or 8 onwards where L’s no longer there.


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