Code Geass epi 23


I’ve been meaning to blog about the final few episodes of Code Geass before the 90min special finale Episode 24-25 appears in a few months time. The last 2 or so episodes were definitely intense. I think perhaps that’s why I end up liking many mecha series, cause usually they involve wars, which means it’s going to be complicated in terms of story. they’ll be friendships broken, betrayals, sacrifices death. It all adds to the impact of the story and the overriding message of the show. Spoilers under the cut, time for me to dish out some thoughts on the show 🙂

Well, it was certainly a twist. When I was talking to my friends about how I’m up to episode 6, they’re like “omg, that’s nothing, wait till you get to the huge twist”. And no doubt they were right. I was surprised with the “create area where people will be known as Japanese and everyone’s equal” annoucement by Euphie, but then again that would be so like her character. She’s proabbly my favourtie character in the show. I guess I have a soft spot for peace makers in a war torn world, because they give hope to a world that has given up hope. I was really curious how Lelouch would deal with her proposal and half expected a cold blooded kill so I was glad that he still had some heart in him. But the huge twist that he’s Geass would screw up and cause Euphie to kill all Japanese, that was heart wrentchign to watch! It’s the most out of character thing for her to do. I pity Suzaku , once again loosing people he loves especially when they’re trying their best to help.

It’s pretty hard to pin point a “evil enemy” in this show. I mean,everyone’s interwines and doing what they think is best. But the most “evil” person I guess would have to be the King of Britania, after all. Despite Cornelia being the ruler in Area 11, and while she represents Britania, she was trying to make it a more peaceful place, in a way seeking revenge for the death of her half brothers and sisters. When I think about it, if only Cornelia knows Lelouch and Nunnaly is still alive, and if only Lelouch knew Cornelia really cares for them and doing her best in ruling in their memory. That only shows that life’s  that  complicated and painful.

It’s comforting to know that Lelouch says “I’ve already given my soul to the devil”. At least he knows he’s doing something that in one sense very evil, manipulating people, killing innocent people and so forth, for the creation of a new future. And knowing that he’ll have to fight to death his first and best friend, that’s pretty painful stuff.

They’re a lot of cliffhangers in terms of characters. What’s Shirley going to do now? She knows Zero is Lelouch and will she deduce that Lelouch meddled with her memory? What about Villetta, will she regain her memory and rejoin Cornelia’s forces or will she remain loyal to Ogi? Diethard… is he truly on the side of the Black knights or a spy for Britania or in fact sides neither and is simply enjoying a massive “story” unfold? What is C.C.’s true origin and does the new character V.V. against C.C.? What of Schneizel El Britannia, second prince of Britania? I have a feeling he isn’t as good as he portrays he is and seems to be at odds with his father. He knows of the secret of the Geass. What is his true motive? I’d love to know more about Marienne, Lelouch’s mother. All we know is that she was a great woman who was brilliant at using a Knight Frame. But what of her death? why was she murder and why does the Emperor hate Lelouch so much?

So with so many questions and more still yet to be answered. I wonder if they’ll be able to explain everything in 90mins, or will there be a second season planned already? Sure hope so. As far  as I can tell, two sides can’t survive simultaneously, either Zero defeats Britania in Area 11 or Cornelia and Suzaku kills Zero. Will Suzaku find out he killed his best friend go into breakdown mode?

We’ll have to wait and see. Damn waiting. Sunrise, this better be good !


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