Ouran Highschool Host Club 1-15

Ouran Host Club male members surrounded by their female customers

Ouran Highschool Host Club have to far been very entertaining to watch, and it’s starting to become one of my all time favourites (if it keeps up its charm and has a good ending). Like many other animes, Ouran has a pretty wacky storyline and almost random plots. Each episode can sort of be seen individually and have it’s own crazy/funny story, however, I still find each episode contributes to the overall plot and character development, so it’s not as random as it seems. I’m only up to 15 and there’s a total of 26 episodes, so it’s still ongoing and I’ll be looking forward to it.

As I haven’t read the manga, the story is totally new to me. It is set at an extremely rich school known as Ouran Acedemy, where Fujioka Haruhi, a poor “commoner” (as known the the rest of the school populice… since all the students there are rich as, havign families owning some humongous corporation or another), stubled upon Ouran Host Club. And a Host Club is what you might ask? It’s a club where beatiful men use their unique charms to please girls, by providing them company, flattering them, eating with them etc. Much to Haruhi’s misfortune, she broke a 8,000,000yen vase and in order to pay for it she becomes a host (being mistaken as a boy…) And thus the adventures of the Ouran Host Club begins.

Although some may say it’s a pretty generic plot, I beg to differ. While it seems random at times, so far the only episode that I was dissapointed with was “Haruhi in Wonderland” because it didn’t make sense until the very end of the episode, however, in general I find the plot new and fresh. It’s like “reverse harem anime”, for once we see one female chacracter and a cast of pretty main male characters, when it is usually the other way round. While not all the main characters are “chasing after the sole female” as it is in many cases such as Love Hina, we do sense competition among the boys, whether it be romatic or friendship. I guess for once, female anime-watchers can fawn adn fangirl all over these pretty men πŸ˜‰ When usually fanservice is aim at males instead of females. A good change at least. From the drawings itself, it’s also inarguebly a Shojo genre anime. The manga was serialised in LaLa.

Ouran seems to like to focus on sexual orientation alot. For starters the incencious relationship between the twin brothers Hikaru and Kaoru and the servent-master relationship between Honey and Takashi (though I didn’t think anythign Homo would be going on there since Honey is jsut tooo cute πŸ˜€ ). But it doesnt stop there, as it turns out after Haruhi’s Mother’s death, Haruhi’s father became a bisexual, followed by being a male crossdresser… and having crossdresser friends where Haruhi would spend her Summer Vacation working at.

The other thing I love about Ouran is the different characters and their “unique characteristics” which they use in their Hosting of women. I really love the character designs, eventhough they remind me of Clamp’s Tsubasa RC’s lanky character. Honey is like the cutest character I’ve ever seen in anime πŸ˜€ and reminds me a lot of Momiji from Fruits Basket, who ALSO loves rabbits (being one himself…). The twins Hikaru and Kauro are really lovabel too, despite their sometimes disturbing incencious behavior =P

Coincidentally, episode 15 where I stopped provides a cliffhanger! When usually each episode is quite descrete. Now, now, I wonder who might this delivery boy may be? Haruhi’s childhood friend is my best guess. As both seemed to be a bit flushed when they met, perhaps there was some sort of romantic pass? heh. And it seems like King Tamaki is not the only one chasing after Haruhi, seems like the twins are just as interested. If BONES Studio continue with it’s very good animation quality and stick to what its currently doing, Ouran Highschool Hsot Club should become one of the best animes in the season.

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