Ichigo 100%

Ichigo 100% by Mizuki Kawashita was first introducted to me by Qu when she chucked me a couple of random series to watch at the end of TEE last year. I think I’ve pretty much read/watched all the Ichigo 100% related manga/anime. To date, there has been 13 episodes of anime, 2 specials and 4 OVAs. While Manga wise, it has ended with 19 volumes.

When I first watched it, the good characters, character design and animation quality was what held my attention. While the story itself is a romantic comedy, centering around the main male lead Manaka Junpei and several other female co-leads. Essentially, it’s about this average guy, Junpei, trying to decide of the 3 potential girl friends, which is the one he truely likes. And this occurs through very hilarious circumstances, where he is constantly misunderstood. The voice casting and music is also fairly decent. However, much to my dissapointment, the series only ran for 13 episodes when it could very well have survived by animating the whole Manga series.

What was dissapointing in the Anime were the OVA’s which were absolutely stupid and filled with unnecessary fanservice. I was practically cringing as I wasted about 2 hours watching all 4 OVA’s. At least the 2 Specials were decent sicne it followed the manga story line.

As for the manga, I must say it’d be up there with my top 10 favorites of all time. It had good humour, brilliant and believable characters and very nice designs. Kawashita’s drawing style is quite different from most I’ve seen so far, her characters tend to be round-ish hence making them look cuter. It may not be everyone’s style, but I certainly love it 🙂 The story line and Manaka’s character irritated me at times with his indecisiveness. But having a variety of interesting and entertaining cast of characters certainly compensated for it. The 3 main female leads were Satsuki, Tsukasa and Toujo. Of the 3, Tsukasa and Toujo were my favourites, while Sotomura’s sister Mizuru was also much loved 🙂 One thing to be said about the Manga was the twists and turns the plot took especially in the last 5 volumes. It kept me speculating about the ending, and in the end, it didn’t turn out as I imagined. As much as I liked Manaka and Tsukasa being together, I always had a feeling Manaka would end up with Toujo since she was the first person he truely fell in love with. I knew fairly early on Sastuki won’t really play and important love interest. So I was surprised with the ending, when all the characters went their seperate ways and meeting up 5 years later after graduation and Manaka did really end up with Tsukasa.

It was almost a bittersweet ending. A realistic story and turn of events. One message that was clearly given in the manga is that life is unpredictable, it doesn’t always turn out as you expect. If Toujo or Manaka confessed their true feelings early on, they could have hada happy ending, but they didn’t. Instead Manaka confessed to the wrong girl, but he fell in love with her for real in the end anyway. I said previously the characters especially the female leads, were realistic characters, each overcoming their problems (mainly romantic ones) maturely as each confronted reality about the state of their feelings towards Manaka. While Manaka himself finally (after 19 volumes) was able to be a man and make decisive decisions about his life and future.

Overall, Manga would be a 8.5/10, while Anime with all thigns considered (including OVAs, specials and actual series) 8/10.

Further Info on Ichigo 100% anime/manga

Shine of Voice | Opening Theme | vocal : Dream
Hora miageta sora ugoki dashitayo
Odoroku kimi mabushikute
Kinou tsuita uso mou yurusoukana
Kesa no hikari kirei dakara
Kimi no warai goe
Itsudatte daiji dayo
Yuuki kureru karasa
Uso janai
It’s for you, really!

Your voice whenever
It breaks me up

Sasai na koto mo itoshiku hibikuyo
Kimi no koe nara

You say whatever
That crazy love

Hamidasu kokoro osaerarenakute hashiri dashitayo

I can forever

Ike Ike | Ending Theme | vocal : Hinoi Team
Ike Ike
Misete koi wa dokyo ni aikyou
Mitete ato wa nariyuki desho
Kokoro no junbi wa chanto shitokou

wow wow

Eight beat yori mo sexy dance de
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Omotta toori ni hajikete hora tenshi no power

Ike Ike happy night noritai dake
Ike Ike motto atsuku feel the power
Odoritai shoudou tanoshinde shimaou

wow wow

Ike Ike forever owaranaiyo
Ike Ike party time yo ga akeru made
Seishun no toki wa jiyuu na ima dake

yeah! yeah!
Ike Ike
Ike Ike


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