Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh gang

I finally got around to watching one of anime’s all time comedies. A bit of history, I first came across Azumanga at an anime night back in high school around year 8. I, along with many others, laughed our heads off at the show. Ever since I’ve always wanted to actually finish the series, which I finally got the chance to after getting it off a uni friened this year.

“Azumanga Daioh is the story of a group of girls – Chiyo, Sakaki, Yomi, Osaka, Tomo, Kagura and Kaorin – and their daily life as they progress through high school. It is a hilarious and charming journey that covers events from cultural festivals to sports days, and random events in between.” from This sums it up fairly well in terms of plot. There is no real plot, each 20min episode consist of 3 mini episodes each individually titled. It’s basically about these very different girls’ and how they deal with everyday issues and events. I suppose the main character would be 10year old Chiyo-chan, the genius who’s so smart they upped her to high school before even graduating elementary school.

The humor grew thin after a while and there were way too many repetitive sequences to be effective. And I found the first half of the 26 episode series somewhat boring compared to the second half, despite all the humour being there still. Maybe that’s because the second half seemed to have more of a goal and storyline. While I didn’t enjoy it as much (too high expectations :p) as I thought I still think it’s one of those must-watch comedies, the characters especially Yomi, the sarcastic and usually sensible one, make the simplest yet really funny comments. Tomo and Osaka’s stupidity did get overwhelming at times, especially Osaka’s randomness 😐 I’m just glad I started to really enjoy the series towards the last 10 episodes or so when it became less random 🙂 Overall, a 7.5/10.


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