Code Geass: impression

Lelouch from Code Geass

Finally got around to watching Code Geass and if all goes well, it’ll become one of my all time favourites. Admittedly it is a mecha anime largely, with the little side comedy and romance, but overall a fairly serious anime, thus it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, there seem to be a general anime community consensus that it’s one of the best animes of the season. There were a few points which made me pick Code Geass as my next to-see anime.

  1. CLAMP – I’m a great fan of CLAMP and once I knew they were coming out with a new anime based on a clamp manga, it immediately got my attention, and so far it hasn’t disappointed me 🙂
  2. Good animation quality and character design based on the magazine scans and looked at.
  3. Suzaku looks looks like Shaoran 🙂 Not surprised since it IS a CLAMP story, Suzuka even sounds as rightous as Shaoran in Tsubasa RC
  4. Interesting plotline, story set in an alternate universe where Japan, like many other countries in the world has been taken over by the “Britania Empire”

I think like Jeff mentions, Code Geass has become one of those animes that has set the bar in terms of anime quality. I find personally too, with limited time on my hands, I have to be pretty picky with my anime and what manga I read. I’m can’t really afford to waste time reading or watching something that isn’t up to scratch as much as I wish I have the time to do so.

But anyways, I’m glad to say that after about 14 or so episodes of Code Geass, the story is intense and the battles are pretty good. The animation quality no doubt is one of the highest. The Seiyuu all do a pretty good job portraying they’re characters (I’m generally not too picky when it comes to voice overs).

The intensity doesn’t only come from battles and the action scenes obviously. It’s also largely to do with the complicated friendships and ideologies that different characters hold. What is right and wrong is different to different people and each character represents a different group in society who are all trying to do what is right based on their experiences and ideas about war, hatred and reconciliation. Friendships and trust are definitely a huge part of the story, as no matter how you look at it, there are a lot of betrayals and battles both directly and indirectly among the best of friends. Romance and comedy, like many anime are part of the package. But as of where I’m up to, despite my doubts about Lelouch’s honesty with his feelings, I truly believe he was sorry for hurting his friends liek that, especially needing to do that to Shirley

I find Lelouch an intriguing character, very similar to Light from Deathnote, but Lelouch unlike Light, I find has a more worthy and rightous cause than Light. Lelouch despite indirectly killing so many innocent people, he is still human and has times when he doubts himself for what he has done.

Nevertheless, back to watching Code Geass. I’m expecting so more intense action and it’d be interesting to see how Shirley and Lelouch’s relationship turns out. TokiDoki did a fair summary of Code Geass as per usual.


2 Responses to “Code Geass: impression”

  1. 1 ecky39 June 22, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    Yup, Code Geass is the best anime in 2007 i think. Because the artwork is done by CLAMP and the graphic by Sunrise, it’s really a powerful duo. And also the voice casts is also top notched too so the characters showed their personalities well.

  2. 2 Fortress Guy April 12, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    I am late to this party, but I just finished season 1 and liked it. I usually prefer slightly lighter fare, but the combination of fine tactical action and very winsome character designs won me over.

    I agree with you point about tension through complicated relationships and ideologies. It was well done although slightly convoluted at times.

    Nice write up. Check out my take on season 1 (with pics) of you are interested:

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